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Mindboo is a mixture of brain training and brain challenges with touches of a social network.

It is available in two modes. Mindboo brain labs and Mindboo battle Royale to improve pretty much everything in your head including attention, processing speed, memory, math skills, focus, thinking, solving problems and so on, ensuring quicker learning and improvement in brain connectivity. Mindboo is going to nail pretty much the whole thing on the head

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Mindboo is a brain care mobile app designed in a form of game and social network to improve pretty much everything in your head

Mindboo Brain training

Games and puzzles specifically designed to increase brain efficiency and academic abilities

Mindboo battle royale

It is a survival challenge where you are required to collect resources and weapons and survive as long as possible. it is an online challenge where play against up to 60 people at the same time from around the world.

Mindboo brain laboratories

You must travel on a journey from the foundation laboratory up to the Mars laboratory. Does this sound simple and easy? It’s not! To reach your destination, you must solve various challenges that put your cognitive skills to the test, including concentration, memory processing, math, focus, analytical thinking, spatial reasoning, logic, deduction, inferences, and more. Each laboratory focuses on a different area of the brain.

Each laboratory has different types of free scientific exercises, different types of challenges and different levels to improve your brain power. you need to pass all the challenges in each laboratory to move to the next one. Some challenges may need to be played against another player or may need body physical movements. These challenges will set your brain on fire in order to study the way it reacts in different conditions

Solve various challenges

Put your cognitive skills to the test

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Monitor and share your brain power, Share unique, inspiring and thoughtful content , make friends and follow your competitors and friends, see what is happening, join world challenges, chat with others, keep your eyes on your competitors, and more. Mindboo is available on the app store and play store for free. Mindboo is also available in many languages


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